Interrupt This Program – Port-Au-Prince: Art As Rebirth

Client : Noble Television
Diffuseur : CBC Television (Canada) / Pivot (USA)
Catégorie : Journalisme, Production

Interrupt This Program uncovers the underground arts scenes in cities that have experienced major traumas: natural disasters, long-term war, political unrest or economic meltdown. In each episode, we meet three or four young, determined local artists (plus one Canadian ex-pat to offer an outsider’s perspective) who are committed to making art that elicits change, displays courage or protests their city’s political and societal status quo.

Season 1, episode 03 – Port-Au-Prince: Art As Rebirth (48 minutes)

In Port-au-Prince a radio host, a photographer, a Rabòday singer, and a creole rapper showcase the emerging and subversive sounds and images of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

Field director: Vali Fugulin

Behind the scene:

Meet Haiti’s Princess Eud: rapper, fashion designer and all-around creative powerhouse

Port-au-Prince by night, through the lens of photographer Josué Azor

« Music is the Haitian soul »: a primer on Haiti’s unstoppable music scene

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Watch in full: