‘It has been pure terror’: Haiti’s seven days of bedlam

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Politically connected gangs launched a wave of attacks across the capital, sowing mayhem and challenging the government

by Tom Phillips Latin America correspondent, and Etienne Côté-Paluck in Port-au-Prince

Thu 7 Mar 2024 15.12 GMT
Last modified on Thu 7 Mar 2024 15.23 GMT

“Madame, madame. They are putting fire everywhere. I just heard it on the radio.”

It was late morning last Thursday and Monique Clesca’s gardener, Calixte, had come dashing into her home in the mountains above Haiti’s capital with hair-raising news.

“He was in shock,” said the 71-year-old political activist and author. “I knew something was wrong even before he spoke.”

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Cover photo : Ralph Tedy Erol/Reuters